Zoku Amsterdam

Looking for a nice decent hotel in Amsterdam that was close to the city, served breakfast and was relaxing at the same time wasn’t easy.

After over a month of searching and booking different hotels, we finally found the perfect hotel for us, that had everything we wanted and more.

Zoku’s headline was Home Away From Home and it truly was home. The staff were extremely nice and friendly, they helped us out in so many ways, not to mention the good talks we had with some of them.

Their rooms are uniquely designed; lofts, leaving you with a living room, bed space and a kitchen. Exactly what you need if you were home.

Every morning we would head up to Zoku’s kitchen to enjoy a well served and healthy breakfast made by one of the skilled chefs. You can choose to sit indoor or outdoor, both are very refreshing for you to start your day.

The upstairs ‘living room’ or social space was more than comfortable wether you wanted to read a book, get some work done or simply enjoy a cup of coffee. In every corner there’s something for you to enjoy. Sitting outside in the terrace was my favorite part, viewing Amsterdam from the rooftop and fresh air was all I could ask for.

Rembrandt Square was only a 5 minute walk away, the closest tram station was 3 minutes away. Rijksmuseum was a 10-15 minutes walking distance. So basically everything was close by. There’s also a  convenient store just across the street from Zoku.

If at any time you don’t feel like walking or taking the tram, Zoku can arrange a bike rental, which makes it even easier for you to wander around the city.

At the end of the day when you’ve walked your feet off and you don’t feel like going out for dinner, you could simply take the elevator to Zoku’s kitchen and enjoy one of their exquisite meals for dinner. Once you’re done you can end your day with some fun with friends or family at Zoku’s entertainment room, board games, table tennis, or even some fun by throwing some boxing gloves having a go at the punching bag.

Basically words can’t explain how much my husband and I enjoyed our 6 day stay at Zoku Amsterdam. It was the highlight of our lovely trip and whenever we think about visiting  Amsterdam again, the first thing we think about is staying at Zoku, again!

Zoku’s Living Room/Social Space
Living Room


Entertainment Room
More Corners in Zoku’s Living Room


The hall way from the elevator to Zoku’s Living Room
The Living Room
The Kitchen
Bed Space-Living Room