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Mawadda Tak was born in Los Angeles, California in 1994.

She comes from an Arab family and speaks both English and Arabic very fluently.

Mawadda lived in the states most of  her life and then moved with her family to the Emirates.

She was married in April 2015 and since then she lives between Saudi Arabia, Riyadh and the United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

Mawadda was always interested in fashion and styling so she decided to educate herself in that field by taking Fashion Styling courses.

She became a Certified Fashion Stylist in May 2016, and then decided she wanted to have her very own blog where she can talk about Fashion, Styling, Beauty and other things she finds interesting such as Photography, FOOD, and Lifestyle in general.

Mawadda wants to empower teenage girls and women and make them feel confident by helping them style their wardrobes and outfits.

Mawadda’s dream is to became an international stylist one day and be able to help thousands of women out there.